July 24, 2013

Music to lift your spirits…

Elizabeth_OfferOne of the reasons I chose my soon-to-be-released album “Singing the Sky Blue” to be a 1940’s themed album is that I admire how music changed the mood of a difficult period America faced in the 1940’s.  You see, World War II was happening, it was about the time that Anne Frank went into hiding, women were working at home and for the first time in factories to support the war effort and things looked grim. However legendary greats such as Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, Rosemary Clooney and others were using their gifts with Big Band sounds to create music to lift the spirits of our troops and our folks back home.  Big band music is toe tapping, heart dancing stuff. I loved recording songs like Moon River/ Blue Moon, Sunny Side of the Street, and so many more, just singing them makes my heart smile.  The 1940’s were a period that our country and people faced so many hardships, not unlike the difficulties we face today, but when we focus on what is good in the world, when we share the blessings of what we do have, our hearts and minds begin to encourage each other.  Isn’t it important to choose what you put in your sphere? I encourage you to turn on music that is uplifting, fun, and with messages of encouragement and hope.  My music is the way I share the hope that I have and I hope that you’ll share the fun I had in making it in your home, cars, and work spaces.

Our release date in early September is getting nearer, the last remastering of a song is almost complete. We’ve shot the cover, we’re creating dates for the first concerts into 2014, and so enjoying that churches, organizations, and events are calling to plan 1940’s style dinners, dances, and gatherings to encourage their members and to bring fun to what is a difficult time for so many.   How fun it is to hear the plans as groups share with me how they will create an evening for families or couples with the music from “Singing the Sky Blue”  I’ll share pictures and ideas as we go, for I know you’ll enjoy them too! Here’s a listen that you may download in exchange for being on our “Good News” newsletter.  I hope to share the journey of “Singing the Sky Blue” with you as we travel around the United States and Europe. I hope you’ll enjoy my music and I’d be delighted to come to your area too! Just ask, and we’ll work with you to make it happen!




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Playlist for “Singing the Sky Blue:  Sunny Side of the Street, World On A String, Moon River/ Blue Moon, The Sound of Music, Young At Heart, I’m So Happy (I don’t have to feel sad), I’ll Be Seeing You, What A Wonderful World, I’ll Be Seeing You, God Bless America

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Singing the Sky Blue CD
Singing the Sky Blue CD
A compilation of 1940's favorites, Elizabeth has chosen lighten your heart  and bring warmth to your spirit selections to encourage each listener. The songs are all uplifting and family friendly - truly music to enhance your daily living!

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